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KG Electromec

Our Story

Al Khayarin Electromec is  engaged in multi dimensional activities particularly related to Civil Construction & Maintenance, MEPD & Fire Fighting, Infrastructure Works, Facility Management and Trading, by offering services for turnkey projects. Al Khayarin Electromec was established in 2014 with an objective to introduce new concepts particularly in construction industry through quality services and realization of customer’s expectations.

 Al Khayarin Electromec has the ability to self perform many aspects of a construction project, and the expertise & financial strength of the entire organization ensures each client of our ability to always perform in most professional manner, right from the start to the handing over of the project, and equally important, throughout the warranty period.


We provide expertise to the specialized projects related to Construction & Maintenance of Electrical Substations, Pumping Stations, Drainage Manhole & Valve Chambers etc.
Civil Construction & Maintenance Work
We have dedicated team of professionals (qualified & experienced) to provide expertise that covers Electrical Works, Heating Ventilation & Air-conditioning Works, Plumbing & Drainage Works and Fire Fighting Works. leo.
MEPD & Fire Fighting
We offer infrastructure work for Electrical Network, Drainage & Sewage Network, Water Network and Telecommunication Network.
We offer facility management for Civil Maintenance, Electrical, MEPD and Fire Fighting System. We offer refurbishment work for building, industrial and oil & gas services.
Facility Management
We supply HVAC equipment's, Air Terminal Devices & Acoustic Products, Basement Ventilation System and UPS, from various prestigious brands across the world.

P. O.Box: 37461
Industrial Area, Ar Rayyan, Qatar

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8:00 AM – 06.00 PM


1:00 PM – 02.00 PM
Saturday – Thursday

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Tel: + 974- 40379644,

Fax: + 974- 44362921

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